How To Unpack Without Losing Your Hair

How To Unpack Without Losing Your Hair

18Sep 2014

The key to easy, smooth and simple unpacking when moving house is great preparation before hand. If your packing is well organised and unloading at the new location is well coordinated, you'll have an easy time unpacking at the your new house. This process needn't be a stressful one, and if anything, it could in fact become an important part of your family settling into your new surroundings.When packing, never mix up items from different rooms in one box. Allocate a certain number of boxes to each room and ONLY pack things into a box from one room. Clearly label ALL boxes with the room they're for and a rough idea of what's inside. Try to pack neatly and securely. If you're packing cables, be sure to secure each set of cables with tape (masking tape is easy to peel off and is unlikely to leave sticky residue) so that you don't have a jumbled, knotted mess at the other end! Use padding and bubble wrap to pad out boxes that aren't completely full. Secure furniture with drawers and doors by taping the doors shut or using rope to secure them shut.When loading your van or lorry, load in heavy utility items first, then furniture, then follow with boxes. When loading boxes into the van, try to keep room areas altogether in sections as this will make it easier for unloading. It may be best to use standard packing and moving boxes in this process. Moving boxes often come in standard sizes and so make packing and stacking easier and safer. Using boxes of different shapes and sizes can make it incredibly difficult to stack them safely and you not even be able to load in as many either.Then comes unloading. If you've managed to store boxes in groups of where they need to go in the new house, then this shouldn't be difficult to direct them to the right places. Take them in and pile them up on one side of the room so that you can bring in any large furniture pieces to position. You will also want to build any dismantled furniture first too, like beds and wardrobes if you had to take them apart for transport. Then begin unpacking your boxes! Take your time and think carefully when going through this process. The process of unpacking is a physical one, but it is also an important psychological process too. As you unpack, you are making this place your home. You need to claim it and take ownership of it as you position your belongings. You may want to first begin unpacking the communal areas such as the kitchen first. You'll all be hungry and tired, so the kitchen is a good place to start. But if possible, beginning with you bedroom will help you with the process of settling in. The bedroom is the most personal space we have, and so sorting it out and making yourself a calm and tidy personal space will do wonders for your peace of mind.If you have kids, you may need to help them out first instead. Unpacking their rooms can also be a fun project too. Moving home can be a challenging day for them, so by making unpacking fun and engaging, they'll still have a happy end to the day no matter what's happened. Work with them to put out their own things. By giving a small sense of control over their new space, they can also find a new sense of ownership, of belonging to the new room and the house.

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