Moving House: 10 Items to Include in your ‘Essentials' Box

Moving House: 10 Items to Include in your ‘Essentials' Box

17Dec 2014

Having a box off essential items when moving house will not only prevent you from having to sort through numerous boxes to find an important item, it’ll help give you peace of mind that anything you might need is in one place. The box can either be packed last onto the van so you can get to it as soon as you arrive, or, if the journey’s long, it can travel with you in the car. Here is a list of 10 items you should include in this box.1 – MedicationBring any medicine you either usually take or are prescribed, like antibiotics, as well as any you might need, like painkillers or travel sickness tablets. This means all bases are covered should someone feel unwell. If you or someone in your family have asthma, make sure you bring the right inhaler.2 - Phone ChargerIt’s wise to always have a phone with a full battery. You may need it to phone for help, get in contact with the removal van or call ahead to make sure the landlord is ready for you. If you have internet on your phone, you can also use it as a satellite navigation system. If you have a car phone charger, make sure you bring this as well just in case.3 – SnacksMoving can be exhausting and it’s likely to be a long day. Bring some healthy, non-perishable snacks to keep your blood sugar levels topped up throughout the day. If the journey is particularly long, make sure you let the removal company you may want to stop along the way for lunch.4 – WaterAs with snacks, it’s important to remain hydrated throughout the day. Make sure to bring enough for the whole family for the entire journey. If it’s a long drive, bear in mind that, on average, we need at least 2 litres of water a day, so bringing this for each person if you’ll be travelling all day is a good idea.5 – Spare clothesBring spare jumpers and coats in case it gets cold or you get stranded anywhere, especially if it’s winter. Also having a spare outfit is handy if you’re too tired to unpack your whole wardrobe upon arrival is something you might be thankful for later on. It may also be wise to bring some cosy pyjamas to change into as well.6 – CrockeryBring a basic set of plates, cups and cutlery so you don’t have to unpack the whole kitchen in order to eat once you get to your new house. You may just want to buy some cheap plastic ones for your first night.7 – ToysIf you have children, bring their favourite toys along in the essentials box. Moving can be stressful and even scary for children so having an item or two which will comfort them without having to unpack all their toys can help make the experience more pleasant for them.8 – Toilet rollThis may be self-explanatory, but there won’t be any toilet paper at the new house so bringing your own which you can have easily to hand is a good idea.9 – Radio or music deviceHaving something to listen to music on while you unpack can make the process go quicker and keep everyone in good spirits. 10 – TowelsSometimes, when you arrive at your new home, you’ll just want to have a shower and go to bed. Having not only the spare clothes but towels so you can clean yourself will help you relax when you get there.

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