When it comes to get a smaller B1 removal sorted, the man and van service is possibly the best for you, as they are so flexible! Getting a good man and van will make the world of difference to your move, as you will be able to relax a little, knowing that you have a professional involved, and that you can avoid doing any driving, which would no doubt increase the stress potential of your move. Whilst having a great man and van involved in your move may be amazing for the process, finding one is a bit of a process in the first place! Knowing where to go to find a decent service is difficult, as is trying to work out whether a company is good for you without trying them out first, so have a look over our tips for finding a great value B1 man and van service, and why trusted opinions matter.

Start by looking for removals companies in your area, as this will mean that you can get them over more quickly at short notice. There will be a great many services in your area, especially if you live in a built up area, so make sure to leave no stone unturned, and look on Google as well as the local ads for services that could help you out. It is often the smaller independent services and individuals that will give you the best value for money during your move, so make sure to look in places where it costs little or nothing to advertise, as the savings that a company makes in terms of not having a website or much advertising, will often find its way into savings for yourself, as their overheads will be less.

Man and van services will offer varying ways of paying for their services as well, which can change how much you end up paying, so be careful. Some companies will offer a fixed fee for the whole job, based on the load and the distance, whilst others will ask to be paid by the hour. For example, one company may ask for ?60 for a job, whilst another will want ?20 per hour. You need to ask yourself, will the job take more than three hours? It is often the case that a fixed fee will be more than an hourly rate, but with the hourly rate you will be given a lot less security against traffic or things taking longer than you thought. If you know your B1 removals well, then you should be able to make savings simply by using an hourly rate, but if you are not too sure then the fixed price option is often best. It is also important that you are sure that all of your items will fit in the van in the first place, as otherwise things can get expensive pretty quickly….

Have a look on a few reviews sites to find out whether the man and van service that you are looking at have any customer testimonials uploaded on their sites. These reviews will give you a good indication as to how well a company has performed for others and will therefore perform for you. You should be sure to look at the overall picture painted by such reviews however, as focusing on a negative one in a sea of great comments will not give you the best idea of the company, and vice versa!

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