There are various ways in which to make your removals less stressful, and most of them revolve around how extensive your planning is, as this will be where you can reduce the amount of rushing around that you have to do at the last minute. If you think about it, planning well in advance will mean that you can identify everything that you need to get done well before you need to have it sorted, and this will mean that you can sort out a plan for it to be done over a few days, which should reduce the amount that you need to work on the move each day by a fair amount. This is of course a great way to avoid panic at the last minute, as well as meaning that you are generally more able to carry on with your life, and not have to worry about getting things sorted in time, all the time. We’ll take you through a few pointers on how to make this time table a reality, as well as other ideas as to how you can make office removals less stressful in general.

Start by giving yourself a good month or two in advance of the move to start planning. You may need longer if you are doing an even larger move, but for an office move, you will likely know well in advance as to how the move is going to pan out. With this time you should start by drawing up a list of everything that you need to get done. For an office move this will include even more than it would for a home move, as a company move will be much more specialized and you will have to keep filing systems and logistics in mind more than the latter. With this in mind, get an extensive list together, and make sure that you get everything down on it. Run the list past others involved in the move and get them to add anything that you may have missed. Confer with others to find out the ultimate times to get each task on the list sorted out, and you can then make up a time table for the move. The plan is to either condense the whole move into a couple of days where the office is empty, so that the turnaround does not impact on too many work days, or, to get the bulk of the move done during the work day, so that the time that is taken off by your employees is reduced. Either way, keep this in mind when planning out the move, so that all attentions are based on getting this to happen. The main thing to remember when you are planning an office removal, is that you are moving in order to increase your company’s productivity, and therefore profits. This should therefore mean that while the move will reduce productivity a little, it will be against the nature of the move for it to affect things too harshly.

Make sure that you delegate certain jobs to others, as the stress of moving an office on your own is too much to handle. You should be aware of how tense you are at various points during the process, and should take time to decompress every now and again, to make sure that you are not affected too adversely by the move!

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