One of the parts of any relocation that we often dread is moving the furniture. It’s bulky, heavy and unwieldy, and will require at least to people to tackle, even more in the case of heavier furniture such as bed frames. If you have a lot of furniture to load, then it often makes sense to get in touch with movers in the B2 area, as you can protect yourself from the risk of injury and the added stress of having to load and unload all the furniture yourself.

Contacting movers

Before you start contacting any potential movers in the B2 area, note down how much furniture you have, and take special note of any valuable or delicate pieces that will require careful handling. Once you are clear about your requirements then start looking for companies that can meet your needs. A great way of getting a reliable local service is to ask around friends, family and colleagues that are based in the B2 area, especially if they have moved home recently. They may have found a good service and can put you in touch with them. Alternatively, the internet and local yellow pages will have a selection of B2 movers to choose from, but make sure you do at least 5 minutes research into any company you are considering. You can check they are registered with the British Association of Removers, and for any customer feedback online to make sure they are trustworthy.

Comparing quotes

Once you have decided on a handful of companies that fit the bill, you can start gathering quotes and comparing prices. Most companies will be able to give you a fairly accurate quote when you call them, and some will offer this service online too. It can always be worth calling them directly however, as you can relay any special requirements you might have regarding the more fragile or delicate pieces of your furniture.

Watch out for scams

Generally speaking, most companies in the B2 area will offer good and reliable B2 removal services, and if you have double checked they are registered with the B.A.R and have positive testimonials then you should have no problems. However, there are always cowboy companies to be found, and a tell-tale sign that you might get ripped off is being offered a very low initial quote. Once you have hired a company because they seem so cheap, they will start adding charges as you go, during the move, which can be very stressful and costly. Even with trustworthy companies, make sure you are very clear about what you require so that this doesn’t happen as a result of oversight.

Large movers or small?

The size of the company you choose will depend to a large degree on how much furniture you need moving, but there are advantages to both. A larger company will likely have more staff and transport space, and will also be much better suited to a long distance move. If you are staying fairly close to the B2 locality though, then smaller operations might fit your needs better. Man and van services B2, for example, often charge hourly rates, and if you’re moving locally this will save you money. Two trips with a man in a van may be more cost effective than one with a larger company for example, because with a larger company you will pay for the whole day regardless of how much time you actually use. Again, you will be able to choose based on the size of your move and how much stuff you need to move.

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