Europe is a place preferred by many people when it comes to their holiday. Due to the wonderful nature it offers (a splendid mixture of warm seaside countries with soft beaches and countries with beautiful mountain scenery, perfect for skiing in winter) many people who come to Europe for a holiday or business trip decide to look for a property and move to a European country. Statistics show that the number of families who have moved to Europe during the last year is the highest one compared to previous periods. No matter if you want to fully relocate to Europe or looking only for a summer or winter villa, you should be well aware of what different countries offer and of course, what are the specific requirements and laws in each country.

For example, if you are looking only for a holiday villa, the first thing you need to consider is the climate of the country you are about to purchase a property. If you want a winter house, you should think about finding a villa in the winter countries – Switzerland or Norway, Sweden would also do. Just the contrary, if you want to have a house where to spend your summer vacations on the beach near the warm water, you should consider purchasing a villa in one of the southern countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal. The French Riviera is also a very popular summer destination where people buy houses to spend their holidays.

Deciding to completely remove to Europe is a bit more risky and should be very carefully considered over and over again. When you take the decision to remove you should be absolutely confident in it, as you will likely have to sell everything in order to assure you have a sufficient budget for the removal. Of course you will have to look for a home to purchase in the new country. The best way to do it is through a real estate agency as the people working there will be more aware of the country laws and requirements. You should also research as much as possible about the country and its people – for example what behaviour is acceptable and what is not, whether people like to hang out with friends or to welcome guests, are there sports events in the city you are going to move to, etc. Also find as much as possible about the climate, the culture, the lifestyle of the people in the new country.

The more you know about the country the easier it will be for you to adjust there. When it comes to finding the best real estate agency, make sure to hire a reliable one – ask for feedback, for recommendations, search the Internet for reviews from previous clients. The very same rule applies when it comes to hiring the man and a van company that will help you with the removal (do not think you will not need it, this is not an ordinary town to town removal). Make sure the company you are about to hire is reputable. It would be even better if they are experienced in international removals. This will guarantee you an effortless removal.

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