Self storage units in a nutshell are places where you can rent storage space. They come in different sizes and types; ranging from lockers, rooms to full sized garages. Depending on the firm, you can drop your stuff off yourself, or for a little extra cash, the firm will handle all of the legwork. If you can find a self storage firm that’s based in a location that’s convenient to you, they will most likely prove to be very useful. Here are a few sample scenarios:

When moving house

It’s a very good idea to utilise this service when moving home – for example, if your new house isn’t ready to move into, and you’ve already sold your property, you can put your stuff away while you deal with the temporary accommodation. Because let’s be honest, you can’t keep all of your furniture, white goods and appliances in a hotel room – it’d just be impractical.

You can also use self storage on a move if you’ve got to make multiple transport trips. Say there isn’t enough room in your removal van for all of your things. You could ring up your local self storage firm and they can store your excess goods away until you’re ready to make the second trip.

For extra general storage space

Even when you’re not moving, you can make good use of self storage in a more conventional way. As just a plain and simple storage solution. If you need the spare room, for example, and you don’t want to commit to a permanent clear out, you can just do a temporary one. Take all the things you don’t need, and put them away until you don’t need the room anymore. Take note, however, avoiding clear-outs is not a permanent solution. Sometimes you’ve just got be ruthless.

Alternatively, you can use these storage solutions to put seasonal or occasion specific items away. Christmas, Halloween and Birthday decorations aren’t needed all year around, so you can just put them away instead.

Students who live away from home

As for students who live in university halls or in off campus accommodation, they too can utilise self storage. They can store their university supplies and expensive commodities like their television while they visit home. They aren’t going to need them when you’re at home, so if they’re looking for a little extra security and piece of mind, give storers a call.

To house small businesses

Yes, you read that correctly. As long as the storage firm permits it (read the fine print) you can use self storage rooms as a temporary (or semi-permanent) base of operations for your small business. As long as the security is up to your specifications and the location is convenient, of course.

Even if you’re not planning to use storage facilities in this way, the business savvy can still get a good use out of self storage. Simply hire a small container, and you can use it to store excess stock, or any supplies that aren’t currently in use. This goes for spare machinery too, but consider hiring a garage instead for those.

So, if you see one or more of your storage needs on the list, or if you’ve been inspired to think of one I’ve not included, give your local self storage firm a call. They offer a range of services to make your life a little less cramped and easier to handle. If you’re a first time customer, be sure to ask about any discounts and extra services you might be entitled to.

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