Their movers did a first-rate job. They got me moved out, and then moved in to my new place in no time. Birmingham Removals Services are an exceptional company in my books.

  • James T.
  • 04Jun 2018

I've never moved house without the help of a removals company, but with a tighter budget than usual, and lots more furniture along with a couple of children, I wanted to make sure I was hiring the best company for my needs. Movers Birmingham had great online reviews and offered me a low price for a man with a van. Their service was professional and friendly, and the care and attention from my mover made me feel really prepared and I knew I was in safe hands. Couldn't be happier!

  • Becky
  • 21Aug 2015

I wish I'd known about Moving to Birmingham the last time I moved house! They made moving so easy, so quick and so stress-free. I had no idea that moving to a new home could be so easy, and the price for this professional service is also excellent. I would highly recommend this company!

  • Jason T.
  • 08Apr 2015

I just want to give a big shout out to BirminghamRemovals for helping me with the relocation of my office. It was a daunting prospect to consider doing the work myself, so I was extremely glad when your team stepped in; everyone did a great job, helped with the packing and preparation, moved everything quickly and did an overall fantastic job.

  • Tiffany W.
  • 17Mar 2015

Last month, I was desperate for a company to offer furniture removals to me. I looked and looked, but nothing. I asked around and most people I knew recommended BirminghamRemovals. I called them, booked a date and wow is all I can say. They were brill! From beginning to end, they were hard working, efficient and dedicated to their work. I couldn't be happier and more relieved! Thanks so much everybody! I will definitely be hiring you again in the near future.

  • Melanie P.
  • 17Dec 2014

Where do I begin? Is it with the exceptional speed at which the movers packed up all my belongings, or should I first mention the dexterity and care taken when loading and unloading my valuables and furniture on and off the moving van? The truth is that from start to finish BirminghamRemovals delivered the most extraordinary removals service I have ever experienced, and let me tell you, I have relocated on a number of occasions. Well done moving crew!

  • Camilla Lynch
  • 24Nov 2014

BirminghamRemovals offered me lots of professional help when it came to packing for my moving day. I really didn't have the time to pack up the house thanks to my hectic work schedule and busy family, so the help that I got from this company was really appreciated! The staff worked quickly, packed everything up to a very high standard and everything was done much faster than I'd anticipated! I'll be calling again if I move in the future!

  • Denny
  • 22Oct 2014

BirminghamRemovals is without a doubt one of the best and easiest removal companies I've ever had to deal with. Moving with them was a pleasure to say the least. My last move was really bad. The movers arrived late, there were endless delays and a few of my things got damaged in transit. I was so unhappy. I didn't trust this company at first but I am so glad they proved me wrong. Recommended.

  • Clarissa B.
  • 10Sep 2014

Let us not beat around the bush. Removal Company is definitely the best removal company out there! I know from personal experience and would love to rely on them for everything moving-related once again. I am so glad I took my friend's advice and contacted them. They took care of every detail!

  • Jim, London
  • 16Oct 2012

My profession requires a lot of relocating for short periods of time in the Birmingham area. Despite the trips being short, I like taking plenty of my things with me. I have worked with many local companies, but none of them left me as satisfied as Removals Birmingham did. Highly recommended.

  • Joshua, Birmingham
  • 13Oct 2012

After I married, it was time for me to move. The place where I had to relocate to was Birmingham. This is why I decided to look for and hire a company which is based in that region. After a relatively short search, I stumbled upon Birmingham Removals. The dozens of positive reviews they had convinced me to choose them. And, believe me, it was a really good choice.

  • Jilian, Bristol
  • 11Oct 2012

My boss recommended the services of your company to me, as he used them to perform his office removal. Let me tell you, the guys did a wonderful job. What made me choose them was the fact that if they had been good enough to move an office, a typical house removal would be a piece of cake for them. And it really was.

  • Jeremy, Manchester
  • 09Oct 2012

My wife and I used to live in a small two-room flat. However, when we learned that we were expecting a baby boy, we decided it was time for us to move to a larger place. A short conversation over the phone with Removal Services's polite operator was all we needed to actually decide and hire them. Highly recommended!

  • Jack, Leeds
  • 06Oct 2012

You see, I was in a desperate need of some place to store the junk from my garage after the cleaning I had performed there. Throwing everything away was not good enough of an option, since some of the items were in good condition. I just needed to decide what to do with them. Your company gave me the right solution. Using their storage service is a convenience everyone in a similar situation should take advantage of!

  • Joe, Oxford
  • 03Oct 2012

The sudden, almost doubling of my rent forced me to move to a different flat. Never before had I moved or used the services of any removal company. This is why I was quite worried about it all. However, the movers from Birmingham Movers were so polite and careful that the moment they started moving things I knew everything was going to be just fine. And it definitely was!

  • Jacqueline, Coventry
  • 01Oct 2012

I own a small company and there came the time when I knew we had to relocate the office to a better location in order for the business to start running smoothly. However, almost all removal companies were reluctant to move an office because of the fragile and expensive equipment. An employee of mine was smart to suggest we use the services of Moving Company. Not only did they manage to move everything safely, but they also did it for a reasonable price!

  • Jerome, Liverpool
  • 29Sep 2012

Choosing the services of Birmingham Movers was definitely a smart choice. The moving crew handled everything with the utmost care and did not damage anything. They proved to be great professionals and I will make sure I recommend them to anybody with moving-related needs.

  • Jason, Blackpool
  • 27Sep 2012

As a girl living all by herself, moving to a new flat seemed like an impossible task. Doing everything all by myself was unthinkable. On top of that, I couldn't manage to gather all my friends at the same time to give me a hand. This is why hiring Removal Company was the most logical thing to do. Not only did they do everything right, but they were also super polite and made as little mess as possible.

  • Jenny, Wolverhampton
  • 23Sep 2012

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